Graphics Library

Graphics Library


Welcome to Captain Ahab’s Motorcycle Club Graphics Library.

Illustrators, graphic designers, graphic novelists, painters, storyboard artists, animators, printers, silkscreen artists and more are the creators of this department. Here we will develop related and useful images, support live events, screenings, establish a community and produce elements needed to create and support a feature film.

Graphics needed for film production will be listed before preproduction.

We are currently seeking and developing graphics needed for our film production and to share online.

• Small Star Seminar & Small Star Corporation posters. To be used as set dressing and as advertisements. To be displayed on streets, in store windows, café windows, performance venues, our online collection and more.
• Tri-fold brochure to use as film props and to share in our online collection.
• Chapter patches designed by local artists to represent their cities, countries and languages.

• Related Images pertaining to the idea of Captain Ahab’s Motorcycle Club.

• Poster designs for live events. (printed, pulled or download format)

• Graphic novel pages pertaining to the idea of Captain Ahab’s Motorcycle Club.


To begin sharing images, please submit your work to this site using the contact form on the About page. You may also send your work to or post images to our Facebook page. We will post your images on this site*.

• Post images in JPG, GIF or PNG formats

• List name of artist and chapter affiliation (artist’s location)

• Please submit only original material.

• Please do not sell any products created from the CAMC Library without the consent of the artist. You are encouraged to use or sell your own designs in whatever way you feel is appropriate.

• Non-related images will be removed.

• Any questions can also be emailed to